Around Saumur

As a result of more limited mobility on my part we decided to cut out our planned visit around the Limoges area and head straight to Saumur on the western end of the Loire Valley as it allowed us to drive straight from there to the ferry terminal at Caen.

We had visited the area on our first visit to France in the motor home in May-June 2016. Open campgrounds were in limited supply this time so we stayed just west of Saumur in a campground with beautiful views over the Loire. Some of the time was spent sorting out the van ready for storage but we did manage to do some exploring.

Love the autumn colours at this time of year.

The troglodyte villages of Montsoreau and Turquant were worth a detour with many houses built into the limestone cliffs and still occupied.

Fontevraud-l’Abbaye Royal is a huge complex not far south and east of Saumur. The cloisters were particularly beautiful- so full of light – while the cathedral was very plain by contrast with more recent renovations that did not fit the age of the church. The kitchen building was under renovation and we could not enter but the roof is very unusual and a special feature of the abbey.

The kitchen building roof

Our last stay in Biggy in France would not have been complete without searching out a special meal in Saumur.

La Gambetta was certainly one of the best on this trip. Not cheap but worth it.

Quail – divine flavours- followed by Venison like we have never had it before – delicious
Desert – too difficult to describe but yum

And so our time in Biggy is almost finished – just another couple of nights while we clean and pack up in the UK.

We have loved our travels and not having to plan in advance but we have spent about 16 months in Europe in the last 2 1/2 years.

So this is the last blog in Burtons On Tour. Next year we will still travel but in a different style.

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