Our next stop was a campground near a beach just north of Bilbao which was convenient for picking up Anna who was flying from Casablanca to stay with us for 4 nights.

The main attraction of Bilbao was to visit the Guggenheim Museum which was wonderful.

The “Puppy” outside the entrance to the Guggenheim Museum

It was a shame that the second floor was shut off for some reason but the special exhibition on the ground floor made up for that

It was stunning – especially when you looked closely at the materials that were used to create each artwork. We managed to sneak a couple of photos.

This piece is made entirely of plastic knives, forks and spoons

Bilbao has been reborn in recent decades from a nondescript industrial city to a popular tourist destination. Much of this is due to the Guggenheim but also to a massive investment in public open spaces and attractive streetscapes which have revitalised the city. Large areas especially near the river have been pedestrianised.

Riverside next to the Guggenheim

The only other day trip we did was to a monastery on an islet near Bakio which features on many brochures about the area – a good climb but great views.

We decided to head to Bordeaux, our next stop, a day early and spend the last day with Anna there.

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