Back to the south of France

From Edinburgh we flew into Nice for a family reunion, staying with good friends near Saint Tropez. Beautiful weather and apparently a lot cooler than the previous week, thank goodness. We revisited some favourite haunts in the area with Anna, Sophie and Tom and really enjoyed just chilling out with lots of swims in the sea after the previous 2 months which had been fun but very busy and in much cooler climates.

Coastal path from Gigaro to national park

We all departed on the Saturday, Soph and Tom heading to Copenhagen, while Richard, Anna and I drove to pick up the van

Our first night in Biggy was a bit of a culture shock after 2 months of travelling in various degrees of luxury.

But we soon got back into the swing of things even though it was a year since we had last been in Biggy.

Our first stop was northeast of Nîmes near the Pont du Gard.

It was still as magnificent as when we last saw it 18 years ago – only then there wasn’t a fancy visitor centre etc.

Our next stop was a campground east of Toulouse, chosen for its proximity to Toulouse and Carcassonne.

Anna flew out to Ibiza the next day and we visited Carcassonne which I have always wanted to visit.

It is impressive but was absolutely heaving with tourists even though we visited late in the day.

On reflection we would have been better not to visit in peak season.

We found places near the Pyrenees which were just as impressive in their own way and not overrun with tourists.

We decided to head south to be closer to the Pyrenees.

Next stop – the Ariège.

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