Bonifacio, Corsica

Santa Teresa, about 20 minutes drive from our campground, is a departure point for ferries to Bonifacio at the southern end of Corsica. We have always wondered about going to Corsica but were put off taking the van there when we heard stories about the narrow winding roads. A day trip to Bonifacio sounded perfect. We decided to take little Twiggy so that we could venture further afield. It was with great delight that I found out that the car ferry only unloaded one way (not drive on- drive off like all the other ones we have been on – even the small ones in Norway) as Richard had always been adamant that there was no way ferries would require drivers to reverse on or off as I had read in blogs about car ferries in Greece. On our return he had to reverse on all the way to the back on the side, not easy even in Twiggy- there is no way we would even contemplate it with the van plus trailer but you wouldn’t want to be caught unawares.

Bonifacio has an impressive location. The old town and bastide is on top of high white cliffs with some parts overhanging. Apparently a house was lost off the top some years ago because of subsidence. There was a cliff top walkway with great views back to the town and along the coast.

Lunch was an excellent bouillabaisse which we hadn’t found in any restaurants around Nîmes or Nice. 

After lunch we decided to give the King of Aragon’s stairway a go. This is an incredibly steep staircase leading down a narrow scarp in the limestone cliff to sea level which has been improved over the 2000 years of its existence -187 stairs with each one the height of 2-3 normal stairs. Going up was a challenge for my short legs.

Bonifacio is definitely worth a day trip but on reflection we didn’t need Twiggy. We took a drive up as far as Porto Vecchio as it was supposed to be worth visiting but while the town was attractive it was some distance from the sea with no visual connection.     We didn’t have time to go further afield although I have heard that the scenery elsewhere on the island is amazing. 

Next blog – north western Sardinia (we are not moving far each time!)

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