Southern Germany and Switzerland

Destination Bad Waldsee – we found our way to the Hymer production centre with not too much trouble. It is absolutely huge and hard to find the right building despite a few calls to the Service Centre. We joined a crowd of other people getting problems with their vans sorted. Apparently it is easier to make the trip there than try and get things done at a Hymer agent ( we had learnt that when we tried a few times to book into an agency eg in Germany and were told we would have to wait weeks). They don’t like warranty work in particular. We need to get a habitation and water tightness check done each year and have decided we will just have to schedule a trip to Bad Waldsee as part of each year’s itinerary. We met a couple who had come especially from the UK as it was much cheaper than getting it done at home and a French couple from near St Tropez there for the same reason. It became quite social as everyone sat outside in the car park and swapped stories. We thought Bad Waldsee wouldn’t be particularly interesting but it turned out to be a very attractive town beside a lake. 

Our next stop was a village called Tengen just north of the Swiss-German border just to the east of the Black Forest and chosen for pragmatic reasons – my German SIM card would keep working (it is really difficult to get a Swiss one) and Vodafone doesn’t have a roaming agreement in Switzerland. It’s amazing how much you start to depend on having internet access while travelling especially when you are walking around towns trying to find places of interest or search out a good place to eat. 

We popped over to Switzerland for lunch and to visit a few places that sounded really interesting. Stein am Rhein is known in particular for the beautiful frescos on many of its buildings especially around the main square.

Next stop was Schaffhausen, a larger town, but with a pleasant feel and some more beautiful frescos. Every fountain had a statue – some very interesting characters. 

The Rhein Falls are very close to Schaffhausen and were worth a look not so much for their height but for the volume of water coming through. 

Next stop Geneva.

Our main reason for visiting Geneva was to catch up with one of Soph’s good friends who lives there now with her husband and little girl. Britta kindly found us a lovely campsite only 8 km from downtown Geneva on the south side and close to them. It was right on the lakeshore and we had a beautiful view over towards Geneva and the famous fountain. After one day of rain we had a beautiful day for going into Geneva – very easy on the local bus. After experiencing the nightmare of driving through downtown Geneva with the van and trailer late on a Saturday (there are no alternative routes) we were keen to avoid the traffic. 

Before leaving Geneva we visited Yvoire village on Britta’s recommendation which is further along the lakeshore but in France. Very picturesque. 

Next blog – Haute Savoie, France

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