North west Bavaria

Trying to decide where to stop on route to Bad Waldsee to get some warranty issues fixed on the van and we ended up in this little campground in middle of nowhere in north western Bavaria. Actually it wasn’t bad apart from the campground restaurant (very busy) which we foolishly decided to try when we returned late from sightseeing and couldn’t be bothered cooking. Seriously had to be the worst meal ever  of schnitzel and fries. But everyone was really friendly even if very little English was spoken. We have come to the conclusion that very little English is spoken in most of Germany. Even in Berlin we came across quite a few who didn’t, contrary to what we had been told. 

We had chosen the area because of its proximity to some interesting parts of the so called Romantic Road. First up on our list of places to visit was Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It was described in the guide book as the fairy tale Germany the hordes of tourists come to see. We arrived quite early on a Sunday thinking it would be reasonably quiet as most shops are shut – and it was for a while. Then the hordes started arriving. Fortunately most of them stayed around the main square. It was actually a beautiful town and has the strictest urban conservation orders in Germany. Well worth a visit but go early or late. 

You can walk around most of the town walls for a different perspective. We also visited a museum of trades/artisans which had been used for various trades for more than 700 years. As it had been occupied by a hermit for many years until it became a museum it had not been modernised at all. The hermit lived with no electricity and water came from a well in the house. It was incredible to see a house in such original condition – several families would live in it each with a different craft. 

Next was Dinkelsbuhl further south. We lucked onto a traditional Bavarian festival in town the day we arrived. Lots of people in traditional costumes, brass bands and other music, street stalls, traditional games. Another beautiful town. 

We loved the serious young drummers in the band with their fancy wigs. Not one cracked a smile as they came past. 

The following day we checked out Nordlingen, further south again, another medieval town which is far less touristy than the others. It is completely surrounded by the original town wall and the view from the church tower was pretty good. We got diverted on the way by a huge shoe shop on the outskirts of a small town with lots of good brands. Needless to say Richard came out with 3 pairs, I bought one.  

Next blog – south western Germany

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