Our campground, if you could call it that, was in a good location near the harbour and within a reasonable walking distance of downtown. The campground was a vacant lot in the middle of an industrial area with porta loos and showers and next to a huge power station. But it was convenient even though there was no metro station nearby. We ended up using Twiggy quite a bit which we hadn’t planned to but driving was somewhat challenging due to the huge number of bikes with right of way and no left turn arrows. We soon learnt that you have to enter an intersection and turn on the red light to have any hope of getting where you want. Turning right was also challenging as you have to constantly have to look out for bikes coming up on the inside and going straight ahead. Copenhagen is certainly the cycling capital of the world. I would think that many people do not have a driver’s licence. 

Copenhagen is a charming city with a lot of history. It has several waterways and canals through it. We spent the first day wandering through the old part of town

On Sophie and Tom’s recommendation, I had put our name on the wait list for Relae Restaurant, ranked number 38 in the world and established 6 years ago by a couple of people from Noma, the number 1 restaurant in the world for several years and very famous. We managed to get in on the Friday evening and were not disappointed. It was a fabulous meal with 9 courses. It wasn’t at all pretentious but the service was superb and we were able to watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen. By the end we had eaten the perfect amount. All the dishes were very innovative with distinctive flavours and textures. 

Some of the dishes – savoury baked apple, eggplant with fresh truffle, lemon curd with yogurt sorbet and powder of dried marigold leaves and flowers.

The next day we decided to visit Christiana, a self governing entity right in the centre of Copenhagen. It was set up in the early 70’s when a group of hippies occupied a disused army barracks and grounds and refused to leave. After many protests they were allowed to stay there and become largely self governing. They describe themselves as anarchists. It was very quiet the day we went. We found out afterwards that a police officer had been shot dead there and 2 other people injured two days earlier. Apparently the locals are battling against underworld drug gangs operating in Christiana which has a relaxed attitude to the use of soft drugs. The locals responded by ripping down all the stalls in Pusher St which was notorious for drug dealing. 

Some amazing street art there. 

We also did the obligatory harbour cruise. 

The weather was not good on our last day so it was lucky we were catching up for lunch with Richard’s nephew and wife who live in Copenhagen and a good friend for dinner whose son is studying there. 

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