Now in the Arctic

We finally crossed the Arctic Circle on Thursday. To celebrate Richard donned boardies and posed – lucky for him it was a beautiful day and 24 degrees, about as warm as it gets at the point we crossed which is a high plateau. Everyone seems to make stone cairns to mark crossing the Arctic Circle. 

We ended up for the night near Bodo at a place called Saltstraumen which has the strongest tidal current in the world, running at up to 22 knots at its fastest, 4 times a day, as a result of the tidal flow from two fjords connected by a narrow channel. The resulting whirlpools, called a maelstrom here, forms on both sides and if you are daring you can take a boat through the middle of it. Very impressive to see but difficult to photograph. There is quite a different in water level from the middle of the channel to the sides. 

An early start the next day to catch the 0600 ferry to the Lofoten Islands- but we saw several moose by the road which is apparently unusual at this time of year. Too much of a surprise to get the phone out to take a photo. It now never gets dark so the sun was well up when we left at 4.45 am. Unfortunately we will just miss seeing the midnight sun. It will have moved further north before we get to Nordkapp. 

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