Southern Norway

We caught the overnight ferry on 1 July from Hirtshals in Denmark to Stavanger in southern Norway- 10 1/2 hour trip. We ended up with a comfortable double cabin – except for all the squeaks and rattles that we couldn’t identify. You would think that in a 3 year old vessel they could design it not to have squeaks and rattles in the cabins. We missed our comfy quiet bed in the van. 

An early start as the ferry docked at 6.30 am and it was straight off and trying to find our way to the car ferry to Tau not far from Stavanger and then to the campground near Preikestolen, better known as Pulpit Rock, an image of Norway often seen in tourist publications and rated as the best vantage point in the world by Lonely Planet. Weather not good so a good opportunity to check out a nearby supermarket to see how expensive food really is in Norway and get a local Sim for my phone.

Food is generally more expensive but some things aren’t eg salmon. The weather is like Auckland in the middle of winter – maximum of 13 deg during the day, cold at night and lots of rain! Who said there were blue skies heading our way – wishful thinking perhaps. The forecast for the next day was good with early rain clearing so we aimed to head off to Pulpit Rock early like 8am to avoid the crowds. Woke up to more rain so it was 10am before we drove the short distance up the road to the start of the walk. We thought it was busy going up but omg the crowds heading up when we were on our way down about 1 pm were incredible. All the same, Pulpit Rock delivered on being an outstanding view point- the feeling of being perched 600m above the fjord with a sheer drop all the way down cannot be described. We took heaps of photos the best of which are below but sometimes it was tricky to get clear photos as the cloud came in  and out. 

Richard looking over the edge

So glad we had our hiking boots and poles as the footing was not easy and very wet at times. I saw one woman in wedge sandals (how dumb can you get) – not sure if she made it to the top! They suggest 2 hours each way but we did it in 1 1/2 so can’t have lost too much fitness as some parts resembled the Devil’s Staircase on the Tongariro Crossing with lots of giant steps. 

Off to place near Bergen tomorrow.

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