Initially we thought we would have a brief one night stop in Denmark on the way to Hirtshals to catch the ferry to Norway. We have ended up spending 5 nights here. Yes it is very flat and the countryside has a sameness about it after a while (we haven’t come across the cute villages, imposing centuries old buildings etc we have seen elsewhere in Europe)  but the people have been incredibly friendly and helpful. Since most speak English to some degree and often very well, that has undoubtedly helped. 

We spent 2 nights on the coast at a town called Horsens where we were able to get Twiggy’s cough fixed on warranty and make some more purchases. Our neighbours in the motor camp had been to Norway several times so we were able to pick their brains. Another neighbour was from Stavanger in Norway and confirmed that the south coast of Norway was missable and would be busy as the school holidays have started which is why we have opted for the overnight ferry to Stavanger rather than the 4 hour trip to Kristiansand. Over lunch in a cafe eating the Danish speciality smorrebrod (see photo) we ended up chatting to the owner’s husband who had driven trucks with fresh fish from Nordkapp in Norway to the south every 10 days for years in winter. He gave us some useful tips – like put your flashers on and headlights on full when going into a tunnel with curved walls to let approaching truckies know you are big too! Apparently some are only high enough in the middle so trucks have to go down the centre. Richard is really looking forward to those ones. 

We are now on the northern coast of Denmark, where there is a beach that goes for miles in both directions. The campground is tucked in behind the sand dunes. 

We visited the northernmost tip of Denmark where the Baltic Sea meets the North Sea at a narrow spit hoping the looming thunderstorm wouldn’t catch us on the walk out (which it didn’t). Apparently the nearby town of Skagen is known for its seafood with a fishing fleet at the port. Decided to have a typical Danish seafood meal which was very good- lobster soup which was full of prawns and salmon as well as lobster followed by a platter with a prawn and asparagus crepe in lobster sauce, traditional fish cake and lots of prawns washed down with Danish beer- sitting by the marina. 

We visited an old lighthouse on the north coast yesterday which is gradually being engulfed by the sand dunes. They predict it will wash into the sea within 10 years as the coast is eroding so quickly. 

We ended up having a traditional Swedish buffet lunch(after R said “I don’t do buffets!”) after being recommended to go there. It was interesting to try all the different foods. Much to our surprise we liked the soused herring which is quite sweet with spices I couldn’t identify. 
The weather is apparently being typical Danish summer weather. Showers and cloudy. The forecast for the area of Norway we are heading to is not great – very changeable- which is apparently typical too but I hope we get good enough weather to go up to Pulpit Rock. Really excited about going to Norway tonight. 

So overall impressions of Denmark- very friendly and helpful people. Good campsites. We haven’t found the same sense of history in the parts we have visited but I am keen to visit Copenhagen on the way back as people rave about it. 

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