La Normandie Part 2

Couldn’t figure out how to resume text below the last image so chose the easy option – another post.

Normandy is known for a number of other things apart from D Day – cider and galettes- so we have been making sure we sample our fair share. I  much prefer the cider here. I find NZ cider quite acidic but the ones here are surprisingly easy to drink.

We are settling into our new lifestyle quite easily – must be all that boating in earlier years. Bit of a learning curve for some things though – like getting the car up on the trailer when it has been raining and learning that you can’t have any sideways slope otherwise the rear wheels spin out and the car goes sideways!! When there is only a narrow ramp for each wheel and the back wheels are half off the ramp and the front wheel is wedged against the front of the wheel guard on the trailer, you learn. A potentially very nasty situation (like car falls off trailer). Richard stayed very calm and after a many point manoeuvre with me directing, we managed to get it off the trailer and moved to a flat spot. And guess what – the trailer now has non slip tape on it! Apart from that wee incident the car and trailer works really well and we cannot understand why more people with motor homes don’t do it. A lot of motor homes carry bikes but biking on the roads here doesn’t appeal to R let alone me.

On our last day at Bayeux, the golf course was beckoning R so we played 9 holes walking what turned out to be a very hilly course but with amazing views over the coast and yet another memorial and WW2 fortifications. image

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