The first days

Wednesday 18 May: Finally after all the hassles we were on our way. Instead of Richard managing a short practice drive we were straight into it – a 3 hour motorway trip in rain and the usual heavy traffic that is so typical of everywhere in the UK. A large departure caused by more delays at the dealer did not help. We arrived at the campground near Henley on Thames feeling somewhat shell shocked. Nice campground by the Thames but unfortunately no time to explore as we had decided we needed to leave early the next morning to pick up both the trailer and car in one day if we were to avoid the Friday afternoon chaos on UK roads. No prizes for guessing how we feel about driving around the UK!



A huge day! We negotiated the M25 twice ( we have since found out it is called “The highway from hell” “the world’s largest parking lot” etc etc) Great for a trainee motor home driver especially once we had the trailer on. Picking up the trailer was a test of Richard’s manoeuvring skills – up a narrow lane etc etc. Decided to play it safe and use motorways to get to the car pick up. What we hadn’t accounted for was 20 miles of road works with a very narrow slow lane (where we tend to stay) and a little old lady who had forgotten where first gear was, causing mayhem on the motorway as she rolled slowly back into 3 vehicles including us. Fortunately no damage as Richard managed to edge back enough to absorb the impact. To cap it off she then got out of her car in her fur coat and hat in the middle of the motorway and ferreted around in her handbag.

Finally arrived at the campground in the New Forest at 7 pm.

So is all the hassle worth it. Richard was doubting it for a while that day. If we had known how much effort and hassle was involved maybe we wouldn’t have gone ahead. But we are so glad we opted to have the car despite the extra hassle (and thanks to Bernie and Yvonne who were the trail blazers last year). Twiggy works a treat.

Next installment – the New Forest. Hopefully I will have managed to get all the new photos transferred across to my iPad – not happening automatically at the moment for some reason.

5 thoughts on “The first days”

  1. Good to hear that you are on your way.
    What is the make and model number of your van? I am interested in looking at its specifications.
    Looking forward to following your adventures
    Stephen and Gillian


    1. Hi Stephen it is a Hymer TRamp 678CL on a Fiat Ducati chassis 150kwatt. Richard says it is quite torquey but we haven’t had to climb up mountains yet. It is definitely slower with the car behind. most of the time we tow at 90-95km/hr max. Chris


      1. Van looks fantastic ! Thanks for the details. How are you towing the car, is it an A frame set up? Do you have photos of the inside of the van and towing set up?
        Stephen and Gillian


      2. It is a purpose built car trailer with ramps. Had to get axle put a bit further back because car is rear engined. Renault Twingo. A frames are not so good over here. Not allowed in Spain and not technically legal in France. Also you have to get car modified and you can’t reverse with it attached. We have had to reverse with this trailer on a couple of times already.


  2. Oh dear – traffic nightmares.
    You should kick all that UK chaos into touch and make for peaceful, empty Gascony where cars a re a rarity!


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