Our motor home is no longer a mirage

After more waiting around yesterday we finally took possession of our not so wee snail  home Ducky for the next 4-5 months about 5.30pm along with a mountain of gear we had to fit into it. Thank god it wasn’t raining!

By 9 pm we were starving and somewhat shattered. Nearly didn’t crack a celebratory bottle of wine as we were so tired but decided we couldn’t not do it. It took us until 11pm to get everything sorted enough to eat and sleep and everything else shoved in the garage to be dealt to the next day. Now I know why our friends Yvonne and Bernie laughed when we said we had allowed 2 days to buy everything we needed and fit the van out. You were right to laugh! Four days of purchasing, several hours followed by a full day of getting everything fitted in the van. We haven’t left the dealer’s yard yet. Going to be spending another night in this very beautiful location (not!). Richard has driven the van a total of about 10 m today. I have to wonder if he is putting off the big moment of driving on a ROAD. To be fair it has been a huge amount of work getting everything set up. The garage has taken most of the day ( All the gear in the photo by the fence had to be put in the garage ) but we finally fitted it all in so we can easily access the important stuff. Not to mention all the electronic aids like dash camera, GPS, tracker, mobile  WiFi etc.

The van is actually very comfy. Haven’t tested out the TV yet- maybe tonight. It was a chilly one last night (like 6 degrees) and we were pleased we had the right bedding. Good test for the Arctic Circle. Heating system works well too.


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