What an amazing few days!! We arrived by train Thursday afternoon ready for my significant birthday on the Friday. All details had been kept secret from me. And so we trundled our bags to our hotel and my first surprise!

I never dreamed I would get to stay at Claridges. Richard had excelled himself, ably assisted by Soph who told him to “just do it”. And so it continued. Anna had organised my big day with a succession of surprises- a facial at Claridges, lunch at a restaurant with amazing views over London (great weather) , a walk along the Thames then a pedicure and hair styling before going out for a wonderful dinner. I was spoilt rotten. Lovely to have Rocky with us after she had arrived from NZ on Monday to surprise Anna.

imageAmazing weather continued on the Saturday. Definitely a good time to visit Hyde Park as Richard had never been there. Then another HUGE  surprise! Richard was insistent we had a drink at the bar at Claridges (couldn’t understand why!) until guess who turned up? Our close friends Pamela and Roger from home – I couldn’t believe my eyes!

imageSo wonderful to see them!  Had a great afternoon the next day wandering around the Brick Lane market area. Delicious food at food hall in old Truman Brewery. Every cuisine you could imagine- we had vegan Ethiopian and Turkish gozleme. imageHere’s a new use for an old taxi.

Such a good time – helped by more good weather.


6 thoughts on “London!”

  1. WOW WOW WOW Chris how absolutely fantastic. What a great surprise that Pamela and Roger turned up , a birthday to certainly remember.. By this time you would have probably got DUCKY and getting ready to roll on your adventure.
    Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures and seeing photo’s. Much love Rosie x


  2. Hi Rick and Chris, you guys sound like you’re having a wonderful time. Certainly tasting the very best London has to offer! I’m so thrilled you had a wonderful birthday Chris. With been thinking of you me and Rosie and following your every move it’s wonderful to have your stories. Wishing you all well love Anya


  3. Hi Rick and Chris, Rosie and I are having quite a bit of trouble with this site. Could you let us know if you get this message. It looks as if it’s going into the abyss. I’ve left several and I can’t see them on your feed of comments from your other friends.
    Cheers Anya😃


    1. Hi Anya I have to approve each comment individually and haven’t had any time to do that until now (while we are waiting for the van to be ready). I suggested to Rosie that I will still post on Facebook so might be easier to post there. the odd one on the blog will be fine but it has taken me a while to catch up. Chris xx


  4. Hi you two, what fabulous photo’s. Wow wow wow Chris, Claridges and Pamela and Roger turning up. A birthday certainly to be remembered.
    So loving the photo’s and the Blog . So wish Anya and I could be there for the family reunion, give our love to them all. Lamenting the fact we are so far away.
    Happy adventures. Love Rosie x


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