UK without a motor home

We had planned to start our blog the day we picked up our motor home. And if all had gone according to plan, we should have been the proud owners of our new motor home for 9 days now. Instead we find ourselves touring around the UK without our wee home on wheels. For a variety of reasons it did not arrive in the UK until yesterday and now the dealer needs a couple of days to install the extra bits and pieces we need for our adventure. 

Luckily we made the decision last week that there was no way the van was going to be ready in time before we had to leave for London on 12 May- to celebrate my significant birthday. So we have spent a lot of time buying up everything we need (or hope we need) for the van. So far we have delivered 2 carloads to the motor home dealer to store with another one to deliver today. I only hope it is going to fit in the van! 

With an extra few days up our sleeve we decided on Friday morning to go to the Lake District. Originally we had planned to take the van up there after we had fitted it out. We are quite glad we couldn’t – the narrow windy roads were bad enough in a car. 

Next instalment – The Lake District           

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